Seems like the topic these days is “what if the breast cancer comes back, not necessarily in the breast but elsewhere in the body? (yes you can have breast cancer in other parts of your body than your breast!)”. Maybe it is only me, but I seem to hear stories that stick in my mind and can threaten to paralyze me with fear if I would let it. I won’t mention the stories because I know you can figure out what those stories might be. The second round seems more deadly than the first. While I don’t want to constantly be “looking over my shoulder”, sometimes you do have to look at the facts and be vigilant. And that is why it is reassuring that research is continuing on. And yet….. what about feeding the body with natural stuff like tumeric and Vit D and DIM to keep the body healthy so a second round is prevented. Questions, questions that everyone must answer for oneself.

Anyway, here is the link that started this kind of questioning.…/15/utsw-researchers-breast-cancer/