Mastectomy Heart Pillow – Small


The mastectomy pillow, provides that all important and awesome support with a cozy warmth for pain relief, comfort and cheer after a mastectomy/lumpectomy/breast reconstruction surgery on the breast cancer journey. The mastectomy pillow with the cozy warmth also helps ease the discomfort of lymph-edema that can occur in and under the arm following lymph node removal under the arm with the breast cancer surgery. The mastectomy pillow has cool cotton on one side and warm, snugly fleece on the other and comes with a pocket on the back for a warming pad or ice pack.

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The Heart Shape:​

  • helps you remember that you're not alone, that you are loved, and that you are supported by all breast cancer survivors
  • provides awesome wonderful support to the sore achy chest and shoulder muscles, bringing more pain relief often then drugs, just like a tensor bandage does to a sprained ankle ... suggestions are included on how to use the pillows for support and relieve discomfort.
  • relieves the aches in the arm caused by lymph-edema (often a side effect from the breast cancer surgery). Part of the reason why to keep those mastectomy heart pillows on hand as nobody knows when or if it will occur.
  • fills in the space left empty after a mastectomy, and serves as a "donut" around the breast that had the lumpectomy or breast reconstruction, giving you a more comfortable rest when lying on your side.
  • sits almost effortlessly under the armpit with no need for a strap or ribbon to hold it in place
  • works wonderfully as a cushion as well between your sore chest and the seat belt

The Front of the Pillow

​ Our pillows are made from 100% quality cool cotton, in a variety of patterns to choose from.

​The Back of the Pillow

100% soft cuddly warm non pill fleece for when you want warmth. We select colours that match the pattern of the cotton front of the pillow. A pocket is sewn on the back to insert a warming pad or ice pack for achy sore muscles.

​The Stuffing in the Pillow

The pillows are stuffed with a polyester fiber-fill to a standardized weight to ensure ALL pillows have exactly the right amount of stuffing to provide the necessary support and is completely washable.

Where it is Made

Each pillow is designed, sewn, and stuffed in Canada, supported with a legal content label sewn into the seam of the pillow.

Buy one or two pillows, or a matching blanket and two pillows to make a great gift set.
Or buy one pillow but include a 3SecondHeat heart heating pad that helps to bring warmth to the sore and aching muscles after a lumpectomy/mastectomy. ​
Give/send as a gift or make sure you have it on hand for when you have your mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction. You will never regret it according to too-many-to-count breast cancer survivors. We can send the gift set directly to your gift recipient and you can include a note on the order form to include with your gift if you want. ​