Breast Cancer is Not Just About a Pink Ribbon – It is About a Life

Once upon a time there was a friend who said to another friend “You need to make these pillows for ladies who have breast cancer.” The friend decided to follow up on this suggestion but before the pillows could be sold online, this friend was told she had breast cancer and would have to have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Until this time, breast cancer was a pink ribbon and pink ​t-shirts and pink this and pink that. Now breast cancer was no longer a pink ribbon, but the friend’s life.

Now this friend was able to determine how good those pillows were through her own experience. Do they bring cheer? Do they bring comfort? Do they give pain relief? Do you need one or two? What size works best? What about the blanket? Is it too heavy, or light enough to cozy up with when in chemo, or when feeling down?

The products in this shop are about life … the life experienced by this friend, Lillian the shop owner, and the lives of all the other ladies and gentlemen touched by breast cancer … not statistics, but ladies and gentlemen who have a life.

Lillian Weber

Shop Owner and 10 Year Breast Cancer Survivor